Try out a Virtual Class!

Get the most out of your new robot by joining one of our virtual classes.

Welcome, Zumi student!

Let's get you started. Watch the 2 videos above. Then, follow along the checklist below to get started:


☑ Build Zumi + pre-power-on checks

You can follow this build video, or use the manual to build Zumi. Then, before you power on, make sure you've done all the checks.


Wait! Before turning Zumi on, make sure to check the following:


☑ Getting Zumi on your WiFi + ☑ Make sure Zumi is updated

Watch the following video to see how to get Zumi on your WiFi, and then how to make sure she's updated to the latest version before moving on.


☑ Start learning!

You can either head to the lessons by going to the "Learn" section of Zumi's dashboard, or you can check out the same lessons online.

Zumi learn lessons and tutorials

Online tutorials have accompanying lesson plans for teachers.


Here's a peek into some of our classes

Check out some additional resources below, and reach out to us on the forum if you have any technical questions. Make sure to have your parents create an account under their e-mail. Also, you can check out the functions guide, which we'll be going back to regularly during class.